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Islands and Connections

Renay has had a unique professional trajectory. She never really had to work hard to make the roads of connection to help many general education teachers and special education teachers work together. Certainly, there were professional connections that had to … Continue reading

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Worth Fighting For

This last week, Renay had gotten into some more curriculum. Not necessarily a new book on the horizon yet, though she has said she is preparing a new publication for Inclusion From Square One. It’s been way too long and … Continue reading

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Five Hundred Miles …

One of our favorite things about February are the number of holidays that happen in February. But it is an amazingly packed month of just events that happen. It does seem endless and adding to the fact that February is … Continue reading

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Cooking With Fire

Renay has been setting up virtual cooking with some of her students this week. Previously, whenever Renay was assigned to Foods or Health classes, Renay never really got into helping the student unless they were really in the kitchen. And … Continue reading

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