A Busy Summer 2016

We’re back, for a little while. It’s been a busy summer at ParaEducate.

We just got our copies of the Brookes Publishing Company’s Inclusive Calendar for the 2016-2017 academic calendar right as July started. We are included in this calendar as are tips from us about paraeducators. We’re very honored to be included with The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion, The Inclusive Class, Think Inclusive, The Sparkle Effect, National Center for Learning Disabilities, National Bullying Prevention Center, Inclusive Schools Network, Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education, Removing the Stumbling Block, TASH, and Together We Rock. You can get your calendar free here!


Calendar from Brookes Publishing, featuring ParaEducate during April and the whole year is filled with information about inclusive education.

But two weeks ago now, we officially approved our new book for publication. Another Just The Words, this time World Geography. In early drafts, this was supposed to be a part of “Finding It In the World”, but due to publishing constraints, it was actually easier and cheaper for buyers to have the two books split, which developed the Just the Words series. Just the Words: World Geography is more than just vocabulary that pairs with “Finding It In the World”, it has grown and been updated including locations and concepts that were not used in “Finding It In the World”. Like all our “Just the Words”, Just the Words: World Geography, encourages the option of either having a student type the words or hand write to work on fine motor coordination depending on the student. The work is meant to be instead of a warm up or notes for a student, giving a time for a student to really look at the material that is being discussed in class.

Final cover of "Just the Words: World Geography"

Final cover of “Just the Words: World Geography”

If you’re interested our complete works are listed as the following available through Amazon.com:

If you’re looking for other materials, check out our TeachersPayTeachers Store or our TeachersNotebook Page. We do have some free materials! Check them out!

Other things we’re preparing: we’re looking ahead at our series for the beginning of the school year. Yes, we agree: we’re not ready for it to start either, just starting to relax over here at ParaEducate. We’ve had some lessons from the end of last school year that just did not fit with the end of the year, and we did want to address the topics at the beginning of the school year, because they merit conversations all academic year.

But there are events coming up on the horizon that are just too good not to share. First of all, we’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with The Inclusive Class for another webinar, date and time being finalized currently. We will be talking about what it means to be including students by case study. The venue will eventually be on YouTube, but more information is coming soon. We will be joined by Beth Foraker of the National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion, Shelley Moore and her book “One Without The Other”, and Antonia Hirson from SpEd Blog. We’re excited and hope you will be too.

As we finish, we’d like to remind everyone to stay hydrated, relax and enjoy themselves, and keep an eye on those early back to school sale bins because you never know if there’s a great fidget or a notebook that can better support a student. School is just around the corner.

Do you have any comments about this week’s blog? ParaEducate returns for 2016-2017 on August 18. Look for our annual summer blog! Find ParaEducate online herehereherehere, and on our website. Paraeducate is a company interested in providing materials, information, and strategies for people working in special education inclusion settings for grades K-12. ParaEducate, the blog, is published weekly during the academic school year on Thursdays, unless a holiday. ParaEducate shares their findings at conferences, through their books, and their academic adaptations.

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ParaEducate is a company run to help reach out to paraeducators or paraprofessionals in public K-12 schools, giving advice, talking about publications that ParaEducate produces, and other useful information regarding working in public school settings.
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