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Things have finally settled into a routine. There are a lot of bolts that need tightening as September leaves all those early days as a far memory. Approaching October things to remember that behaviors to encourage include asking for help when a student needs it. October is about knowing that the student always does not have a pencil when they come to class.

  • October is the reminder to students that they have choices.
  • October is the reminder that there are consequences for those choices (grades).
  • October is the reminder to wait before going in to help students without being asked.
  • October is the reminder to look beyond behaviors to find the things you like about the student.
  • October is the reminder to appreciate modifications.
  • October is reminding the student that you believe they can do the things they believe they cannot do.
  • October is the reminder about really getting into the groove and working things out to make the best year possible.

You aren’t winning the battle by taking the hills with students. You’re winning the battle of making a difference with a student with patience and perservance — the same skills we want all our students to demonstrate eventually.

You’re winning the battle of making a difference with a student with patience and perservance — the same skills we want all our students to demonstrate eventually.


The memo your principal normally doesn’t send

Participate in the spirit week. Sure, you might forget the thing every day, but try a few of them. Yes, we found a jersey we can wear to work, or the tie-dye shirt, or the crazy socks. (Okay maybe not the socks, they need to be washed again.) It isn’t lost on the kids that you’re participating. Maybe consider dressing up with a cape on superhero day. You know the blanket with clothespins on the shirt like you were still three years old. The kids appreciate it. As do the other adults. Having fun together at work is contagious, it makes the hard days easier. A campus that is supportive for both students and staff is a world of difference for the campus community as a whole.

By the way…

October means that Inclusion From Square One will be publishing again. We’ll let you know when they’re going to run their stories.

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