Just the Way You Are, Part 1

One of the things that comes up around this time of year is what to do with a student’s behavior. They are either testing the waters, avoiding work, or perhaps something more based in mayhem or danger.

It’s stressful to know you’re about to walk into a class where a student might be needing a hundred prompts to stay on task or know that the student will become combative because demands are being placed on them.

But, here’s the thing: that’s who they are.

There is no excuse for a student to lash out and hit staff, teacher, or peer, but outside of the issues with the response to behaviors, have you stepped back to appreciate the student and the way they are?

Academics may just not be a part of this student’s life, and it’s sometimes frustrating because the point of school is to gather enough skills to take to the next part of life. Whatever that part is.

  • That student who can’t pay attention no matter how many times you’ve prompted gently, forcefully, hand over hand, is genuine and kind.
  • That student who is constantly avoiding work, finds a lot of fascination with things involving the animal kingdom.
  • The student who spent the first hour screaming and throwing water at his classmates, he just figured out how to walk from class to class alone.
  • The student who may not have his AAC out to knock on a door noticed the door was propped open enough to open on his own and come on into class.
  • The student who cried because he did not understand the steps to do something unusual, normally, a very witty and perceptive student.
  • The student who cannot sit still during class, he brought the teacher flowers because he was the only one to find out it was the teacher’s birthday.

And at the end of the day, this usually helps. “I appreciate every contribution every student makes. Whether it is to make me think differently or to make me laugh, every student brings something for me and their classmates to learn.”

While I have you here, ParaEducate has a guest blogger next week! We have been pleased to welcome Nicole Eredics of The Inclusive Class to talk about working with veteran paraeducators in the inclusive classroom.

We are very honored she agreed to guest blog for us. See her here, next week!

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