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Migrating Back To School

Renay is dealing with work trying to talk to folks about the successes and concerns of Hybrid education. And the wait while decisions are being made can be irritating to down right frightening for some students. Part of the reason: … Continue reading

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There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant..

Last week, one of Renay’s coworkers asked if anyone wanted a Rubber Tree Plant. Apparently, they can survive in Renay’s climate zone if they are kept indoors. And this coworker had an extra plant that needed a new home. But … Continue reading

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Eyes On the Prize

When Renay was in college, sometimes an upper class student would wander by Renay’s desk that first year and whisper, ‘eyes on the prize’. It was an odd mantra to a first year student in architecture whose personal goals were … Continue reading

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Seasons of Thanks

It might be hard to remember that feeling of gratitude that happened in May and June as all the kids perhaps drove by to get their diplomas, the way communities bonded and developed a new tradition to help build in … Continue reading

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Hard. Good. Essential

It probably should not be a surprise that Renay was riveted to the television, like generations before her for the moon landing, for the Challenger Explosion, September 11th. And now, a presidential election that has broken a glass ceiling– a … Continue reading

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It is the beginning of November and weeks and days are pretty much blending together. Grades are showing up for most students by this point or they are about to. And in the world of technology that now dominates the … Continue reading

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Right From The Top

We had waffled about our topic this week. Probably a symptom of our mid-October doldrums, but we were mindlessly scrolling through social media when we came across a title of an article about administrators and their relationship with teachers. And … Continue reading

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Turn This Thing Around

Grades have come out for some students or are about to for others, depending on their age. But here we have a chance to look at what the students are doing (or not doing). And again, every year we sit … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Talk Of Other Things…

We thought we’d start addressing hybrid learning this week. We know many schools are beginning to start their process of preparing hybrid learning if they aren’t already there. However, we got a concern that came across Renay’s desk. The concern … Continue reading

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October Is Hard. October Distance Learning is Harder.

Renay admitted this week, she is a little sick of hearing her coworkers ask when we will ‘return’. But this got us thinking. This last week had not gone according to anyone’s plan. First there was an internet provider outage. … Continue reading

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