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Virtually Ready

We let August third come sweep on by. Our summer here at ParaEducate was unlike any other we have had before, but we also know it was probably similar to others out there. Before we left work in June, our … Continue reading

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Magical, Mystical, Modifications

Renay was called to task this week for failing to provide any modifications in a class. Before anyone gets on sides, Renay was pretty upset. Though the class has been working on the particular assignment for a month, it has … Continue reading

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Juggling Backwards

A friend of Renay’s posted a song about partner dancing. This reminded her of the old question about dancing– who was better Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire. To which the answer is generally subjective, but then the most ardent arguers … Continue reading

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Trailing Off Some Quick Thoughts

Interrupted… We just have to say a really nice interaction with a local police department. Renay’s car was subjected to theft last week and while ultimately: she knows she’s never going to get her gear back, the officers that responded … Continue reading

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Counting Stars

We know some districts are now officially done for the school year. Renay says she envies you just a bit. There is a sense of relief with the end of the academic school year, as things aren’t winding down, they … Continue reading

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When You’re Not Working as a Team

When we ask Renay sometimes what to do when we don’t like some of our co-workers or our assignment, she says first thing, “Don’t bite them.” And we laugh and we say, “No, really I’m not getting along with that … Continue reading

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When Renay came in today, we could hear her shoes. Not because they were especially loud shoes, but we noticed they squeaked. When asked, Renay said, “They’re two months old, I’ve broken the air pocket. I’m averaging eleven thousand steps … Continue reading

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Taking Note

Renay is a bit smug when she walks into some districts for training. She can identify the ones who work secondary from the ones who work elementary quite quickly. It’s because the ones in secondary mostly know how to take … Continue reading

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Recap #caltash2018

Cal-TASH is home. Six years ago, Renay and Megan introduced ParaEducate to a Cal-TASH audience. So having skipped last year in favor of SXSWEdu 2017, we were glad to be back with a very familiar venue and familiar faces. One … Continue reading

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It’s our Sixth Anniversary! Technically yesterday. That is the hazard of being a ‘leap year’ company. One of the things that seems the most often confusing is honestly at what point did “ParaEducate” become separate from “ParaEducate [the book]”? The … Continue reading

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