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Too Many Words

Renay has come in the last few days in a malaise. Anything extra beyond sleeping and eating has really been put to the back burner. Days are filled with new schedules, new observations, new professional relationships, new students, and new … Continue reading

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You Set the Tone

There are an awful lot of ice breakers in the first week of school. Name games that are old hat to some students, they are brand new to many others. So how do you support a student with ice breakers? … Continue reading

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Early to Rise

The new school year is upon us. Whether you’re a veteran, newly hired, newly reassigned, it’s much like starting a race. There is a lot of hope that goes into the new academic year. Did students grow up over the … Continue reading

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On Recharge

We have been off for weeks. And it’s sort of glorious to not have to go through the ins and outs of work. But the summer off for ParaEducate also means publication work. We were ambitious eight weeks ago. We … Continue reading

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End of the Year: Notes for Next Year

So it was pretty noisy for Renay at work today. It has been quite a week rolling into the final days of an academic year. Finding text books, finding technology, updating technology, keeping on top of tests, enlarging tests, finding … Continue reading

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Being honest about the end of the year

Not every year is stellar. Maybe a student was not a good fit for you. You struggled all year trying to balance behavior, academic progress, and healthy boundaries for you and the student. Maybe a general education teacher wasn’t a … Continue reading

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It’s our Sixth Anniversary! Technically yesterday. That is the hazard of being a ‘leap year’ company. One of the things that seems the most often confusing is honestly at what point did “ParaEducate” become separate from “ParaEducate [the book]”? The … Continue reading

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2018 and ParaEducate

We’re back! We were fully charged earlier this week, no matter if the kids had a happy holiday or not, they’re pretty glad to be back. Which brings us to the point of the things we want to look at … Continue reading

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For the Season

Part of the reason we’re posting so late: we’ve been putting finishing touches on our annual staff gift and well, there were a lot of staff this year. But that doesn’t mean we’ve not thought about this post. It is … Continue reading

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Beyond “Stop and Stare”

Renay was having a private conversation with a parent she knows. “Twelve hours ago, it was an arm’s reach away personal and now it’s at my front door.” Twelve hours ago seems like a lifetime away. Twelve hours ago, Renay … Continue reading

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