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Where Did You Go?

Admittedly things were a bit unusual yesterday at ParaEducate. Renay was back dealing with a hybrid schedule with students and well, Monday got eaten up. So we post on a Tuesday. To give you a little perspective of how quickly … Continue reading

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Move Mountains: Work a Miracle

If you haven’t been back on campus, most campuses are in progress of transitioning back to in person or a variation of in person. And for those of you who have been off campus since last March: this is a … Continue reading

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Closer To Where We Started

Renay is filing away taxes for the businesses, writing partial drafts of multiple blog posts, checking an update on some book drafts, and making an outline of material for upcoming discussions. But in the back of her mind, she’s thinking … Continue reading

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Five Hundred Miles …

One of our favorite things about February are the number of holidays that happen in February. But it is an amazingly packed month of just events that happen. It does seem endless and adding to the fact that February is … Continue reading

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Cooking With Fire

Renay has been setting up virtual cooking with some of her students this week. Previously, whenever Renay was assigned to Foods or Health classes, Renay never really got into helping the student unless they were really in the kitchen. And … Continue reading

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Migrating Back To School

Renay is dealing with work trying to talk to folks about the successes and concerns of Hybrid education. And the wait while decisions are being made can be irritating to down right frightening for some students. Part of the reason: … Continue reading

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There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant..

Last week, one of Renay’s coworkers asked if anyone wanted a Rubber Tree Plant. Apparently, they can survive in Renay’s climate zone if they are kept indoors. And this coworker had an extra plant that needed a new home. But … Continue reading

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Eyes On the Prize

When Renay was in college, sometimes an upper class student would wander by Renay’s desk that first year and whisper, ‘eyes on the prize’. It was an odd mantra to a first year student in architecture whose personal goals were … Continue reading

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Seasons of Thanks

It might be hard to remember that feeling of gratitude that happened in May and June as all the kids perhaps drove by to get their diplomas, the way communities bonded and developed a new tradition to help build in … Continue reading

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Hard. Good. Essential

It probably should not be a surprise that Renay was riveted to the television, like generations before her for the moon landing, for the Challenger Explosion, September 11th. And now, a presidential election that has broken a glass ceiling– a … Continue reading

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